Cranky Chicken

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A heartwarming, brightly illustrated, and downright hilarious chapter book about what happens when a very cranky chicken is befriended by a very cheerful worm.

Cranky Chicken is, well, cranky. With one cranky eyebrow, cranky eyes, and even cranky, scratchy feet. But then one day, Cranky meets a very friendly worm named Speedy who wants nothing more than to be friends. Young readers will love seeing the mismatched friendship grow over the course of three charming and laugh-out-loud short adventures as Chicken and Speedy become BFFs (Best Feathered Friends) and Speedy shows Chicken how to look on the bright side.

A perfect "next step" for Elephant and Piggie readers, especially ages 5-8.

Cranky Chicken Party Animals (Book 2)

Cranky Chicken is super high on the crank-o-meter! And hungry. A hungry, hangry chicken is never fun, so Speedy races to cheer Cranky up. It’s Cranky’s birthday, so how about a surprise party? But Cranky hates surprises. So Speedy plans an unsurprise party, a day filled with all Cranky’s favorite un-cranky things. After, Speedy wants to go to the beach, which Cranky absolutely does not like (too sandy, too hot, not to mention sharks). Can Cranky learn to try something new? Find even more reasons to fall in love with Cranky and Speedy in these three new stories about friendship, communication, and facing things that seem scary!


Cranky Chicken: Crankosaurus (Book 3)

Cranky Chicken has no time to play with Speedy the worm because it’s nap time—and it is never a good idea for Cranky to skip a nap. Then, Speedy starts having questions of identity: what does it really mean to be a worm? Can Cranky and Speedy find some answers? Later, Cranky and Speedy discover an egg and have to work together to take care of it. These three new stories about listening, helping our friends, and learning new things will make readers fall even more deeply in love with these delightful BFFs (that is, best feathered friends).