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"Gloria Finds Her Voice" is the true story of a young African American girl who initially struggled in school because of racism during the time of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. As a result of her experience, she developed selective mutism (an anxiety disorder in which a person is unable to speak in certain social situations). She eventually becomes more sure of her abilities and self-worth when she attends a more supportive school. This book is filled with beautiful illustrations and a real plot which highlights the power of great teachers and supportive school settings.

Dr. Gloria McDaniel-Hall

Dr. Gloria started elementary school during the Civil Rights movement. She was one of the first African American students to integrate her school in Galveston, Texas. As a result of the trauma she experienced, she developed selective mutism; she lost her voice. She "found" her voice while attending a parochial school in Chicago. She went on to become a teacher because of her supportive experiences at her new school. Gloria has also been a principal and is now a professor in the educational leadership department at a university in Chicago. She has dedicated her life and career to ensuring that those in her school communities and classes experience the psychological, physical and emotional safety necessary to become their fully realized selves. She helps others find their voices.