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Forest Hills Bootleg Society (graphic novel)

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A gorgeously illustrated, funny and honest YA graphic novel set in 2005 about four friends who accidentally find themselves at the center of an illicit (and hilarious) anime DVD-burning business. Tensions rise and things begin to fall apart--including their friendship.

Teenage romance is already hard enough, but to get stuck in a queer love triangle in the middle of a Christian boarding school is extra tough. Brooke, Kelly, and Melissa struggle with their complicated feelings as romance blossoms and dissolves, each exploring their own sexuality in an honest yet complicated manner.

At its heart, this story is an exploration of the heartache of a friendship breakup. All four of our protagonists are drawn together by circumstance and shared interest, but even the closest of high school friendships can end in heartbreak. This story explores that common and crucial part of growing up with honesty--there's no storybook happy ending here, but there is growth and awareness.