Maddie's Ghost

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Madeleine "Lainie" Stanton is about to become a local celebrity. Born at precisely midnight at the millennium, she's turning 12, and a TV station wants an interview. But when the reporter finds out Lainie's great-grandmother Madeleine was hanged for murder, the story threatens to blow up into something quite different. Racing against time to prove her ancestor was framed, Lainie and her two best friends follow clues that seem to come in a shocking way-from Madeleine herself.

MADDIE'S GHOST is middle-grade fiction, contemporary psychological suspense, woven around a young girl's race to solve a 1930s mystery involving her great-grandmother.

Carol Fisher Saller lives in Chicago, where she is a contributing editor to The Chicago Manual of Style. Honors for her children's books include starred reviews, Bankstreet Best, Kirkus Best, and NCSS/CBC Notables.