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Queen of Code Kit

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Announced in celebration of Women's History Month, our Grace Murray Hopper-inspired Queen of Computer Code Kit is a fun introduction to one of the most fascinating scientists of the century. 

Our kit features Laurie Wallmark's picture book Grace Hopper: Queen of Computer Code (hardcover, $16.95) as well as these unique additions to inspire young readers:

  • The legend of the computer "bug" alongside a Hexbug Nano "real bug", the robot insect of dreams (and nightmares). 
  • A link to Admiral Hopper's famous MIT lecture where she explains nanoseconds and a custom "Get your nanoseconds" sticker.
  • A "Binary Code" activity sourced by author, educator, and scientist Laurie Wallmark.

Recommended for ages 5 & up, best for ages 6-9, and safe for everyone over age 3. Also a great gift for a teacher or classroom. 


[Note: NanoBug varies per kit.]