The Great Transition : A Novel

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A richly imaginative and immersive novel with a moving family story as its heartbeat, The Great Transition is a hopeful climate crisis novel, a remarkable debut exploring the possibilities of our near future and humanity's capacity for change.

CLIMATE CHANGE LIKE YOU HAVEN'T SEEN BEFORE: The Great Transition is a different kind of climate novel, imagining both the disaster of and salvation from the climate crisis.  It offers a hopeful perspective on what saving the future could look like while not shying away from the pain that will realistically be caused by acting too late. This novel is also a powerful story of two people falling in and out of love, a family in crisis, and a young woman coming of age in a highly uncertain time, set in a richly imaginative world readers will sink into. A post-apocalypse novel that shows our capacity to form community, to find love, and to solve our greatest crises with the support from one another.

FASCINATING DEBUT AUTHOR: Nick Fuller Googins has spent time installing solar panels in post-Katrina New Orleans, he took his mother (at her request) to protest the oil pipeline at Standing Rock for her 60th birthday. Fuller Googin's vision in The Great Transition comes from these types of experiences, which inspired the very real, physical, and emotional work it will take to combat the climate crisis on the ground.

Praise for The Great Transition
"A magnificent debut novel that's both an important cautionary tale and a deeply compelling family story. Although set in a stunningly well-imagined future in the aftermath of a climate apocalypse, The Great Transition is electrifyingly relevant. I can't remember ever being more impressed with a first novel." - William Kent Krueger, New York Times bestselling author of This Tender Land

"The Great Transition asks what it means to start over--as a society and as individuals--and then answers with visionary scope. Offering readers thrilling glimpses into utopic possibilities born from collective mobilization, as well as an unflinching assessment of our climate crisis, Nick Fuller Googins brilliantly renders the personal political and the political personal. A must-read debut that kept me enthralled and left me inspired." - Allegra Hyde, author of Eleutheria

"In The Great Transition, Nick Fuller Googins demonstrates exactly the kind of clear-eyed utopian thinking we'll need more of as we work together to solve our climate crisis, wrapping a call to action, accountability, and mutual aid in a story that's as thrilling as it is moving. Every worthwhile novel sets out to change its reader--this one sets out to change the world. I hope it does." - Matt Bell, author of Appleseed