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Unicorns Are the Worst! Dragons Are the Worst! Yeti's Are the Worst! Elves are the Worst!

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A wildly funny and imaginative picture book series that kids LOVE by author-illustrator Alex Willan.

It's an undeniable fact that unicorns are the worst!

Magic is serious business, but all unicorns do is frolic around, have tea parties, and leave glitter all over the place! They're nothing like goblins--practical and hard-working, who can put magic to good use! Unicorns aren't helpful at all.

Or are they...?

And, then...Gilbert the Goblin is absolutely, definitely, one-hundred-percent certain that dragons are the worst.

They burn down everything in sight and they hoard all the gold. They melt every ice cream cone within a mile radius, and everyone is afraid of them. But really, it’s the dragons who should be afraid of Gilbert and his tremendous goblin power!

Unicorns Are The Worst has a glittery cover, of course, but have you seen the shimmering SCALES on the cover of Dragons Are The Worst!?

Last winter Yeti's Are the Worst launched with a fuzzy, flocked cover. And this winter the Elves join the Worst Club. 

Get one! Get all!